Our Mission

As an organization the Software Development Club focuses on fostering practical development skills in students who are interested in computer science. We strive to engage our members in innovative projects, encouraging teamwork and synergy. In doing so we hope to help our members better understand the process of development and concepts taught in class as well as exposing them to topics not covered by the curriculum.

Professional Development

The Software Development Club offers its members a multitude of professional development opportunities:

  • Semesterly resume workshops help our students bring out their strengths to employers.
  • Consistent attendance and group project work is a wonderful way for students to network with like-minded, driven individuals.
  • Weekly tech talks familiarize our students with many vital industry-standard tools like Git, Slack, AWS, Scrum and many more.

Company Outreach

From the Fortune 500 to the humble startup, all companies have one thing in common: a desire for talented employees. Companies of all sizes visit our club every semester, bringing distinguished engineers to give tech talks, panels of employees to answer questions about post-grad life, or human resources representatives to give interview and resume advice. These meetings allow club members to interact with recruiters directly, expanding their ever-growing network.

Social Events

Every semester the SDC offers tons of fun activities for our members. Some events include our welcome-back bonfire, bowling at the Sett, video game tournaments, nerd trivia night, the annual CSS contest, and our 8-hour mini-hackathon!


Jon Erbe


Currently a Senior majoring in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I have taken several rigorous classes and have been developing my knowledge and skills outside of the class room. These extracurriculars include my employment with Epistemic Games Group as well as my executive position of President for my school’s Software Development Club. The courses I have completed have given me a solid foundation in the tools, processes and methodologies involved in the successful development and analysis of programs. I have a proven ability to learn challenging concepts quickly and have developed competencies in diverse areas.

Mark Wiemer

Vice President

I'm a passionate software developer who wants to use technology to improve education. I've been developing software since 2013, and have published multiple apps on Google Play. Through SDC, I help undergraduates learn about software development beyond the classroom. I love learning new technologies, languages, workflows, and frameworks, and applying them in personal projects and tech talks for SDC.

Kyle Malinowski

Outreach Chair

I am a CS major who enjoys working on projects from full desktop software all the way down to apps for Android/iOS. I'm a big fan of C#, Java, and I always love to learn new technologies and languages.

Matt Kramer

Outreach Chair

I love participating in hackathons, boxing, tennis, and skiing. I’m super interested in the entrepreneurial tech scene.

Alec Chan

Tech Chair

I enjoy working on building my startup company sync. and working on random projects: everything from iOS/Android apps to blockchain web app integrations. I've experienced working in a diverse set of development environments, from companies as big as Microsoft to 5-person startups. Studying Computer Scicence.

Lorne Miller

Tech Chair

I'm a double major in Computer Science and Computer Engineering with interests in mobile development, voice technologies, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. Some tech I love dabbling in includes Amazon Alexa, Apple’s ARkit, any of Google’s awesome API’s, and a splash of data processing with Python.

Karina Nihalani

Tech Chair

I am Karina, a passionate and dedicated Junior majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. I love problem solving and critical thinking.